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New Software Upgrade & other improvements to inspections & permitting process

Jan. 31, 2019 – For those who have not had applications or inspections recently, we went live with a new software upgrade on Jan. 22, 2019.   

We’re posting some updates concerning recent changes to the Community Development software system and changes to our daily business operations. We hope some of the changes offer a more user friendly customer experience as well as providing permit holders improved access to information they need to manage projects with ease.

The IVR inspection line number stays the same: 866-701-3307

The current automated inspection line was replaced with a new inspection line robot and voice prompt system. Please be abreast the new system is sensitive to background noise. Try and request your inspections in a quiet room or space.  We are continuing work with the software vendor to improve the robot’s voice audibility and diction (i.e. she sounds like she’s had way too much coffee or not enough). Callers with old permits created before January 22 shall continue referencing the issued permit number. Permits issued under the new software system will have a new permit number sequence and will be provided an assigned IVR PIN number to access their future permits upon issuance.    

Persons with an existing account in our old CAP portal system will need to re-register in the new Community Development Self Service portal.  

For a more complete guide how to register / login, navigate, apply for permits, request inspections and pay invoices online, please contact We’re happy to email or supply you with a PDF copy upon request.

Now for some highlights on using the new CSS Portal:

  • 1. Login users now have improved capability to sort and search permit activity and job site status. There are more options to manipulate and navigate screen views
  • 2. There is a better visual view to manage and pay open or pending invoices.
  • 3. While applying for new permits through the portal, new users will experience better search and uploading of the job site address and the accompanying parcel data.
  • 4. CSS Login Users can also check their account (after 8 am) the morning of requested inspections to see actual assigned inspector name and scheduled start time. “Scheduled Start Time” is to be construed to be, in most instances, an approximate 1 hour window for the inspector’s arrival.  
  • 5. While inspectors will offer a paper copy of inspection notes at conclusion of inspections, CSS login users have access (as soon as the inspector completes data entry) to see updated inspection status’ and comments online.
  • 6. Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Alarm and Fireplace permit applicants can continue applying online through the portal. Roof and Window Replacement installers may also now submit their work scopes online through the CSS portal. Other residential and commercial building work class scopes shall continue to require plan drawings and a physical application to either our main building office in Eagle or our satellite office in El Jebel (see Building Contact Information for further location information). We continue to perform physical blueprint plan reviews here in the main office in Eagle.
  • 7. CSS login users will experience improved capability during application submittal to upload important attachments as mechanical heat loss calculations, fireplace manufacturer’s specifications, fire-rated roofing material and PV solar installation and listing specifications.
  • 8. One the of biggest improvements in the new CSS online portal will be better automated messaging and confirmed banner responses for users to assure users steps have been completed, application successfully sent, inspection request(s) successfully made.
  • 9. CSS online permit applicants are STRONGLY encouraged to use the more robust ADDRESS and PARCEL SEARCH features in CSS, type in a portion of the address and let system search.   We hope you enjoy some improved search and upload of those multi-family multi-unit structures.
  • 10. CSS login users who manage large residential and commercial building projects undergoing Multi-Department staff plan reviews prior to permit issuance now have access through the REVIEWS button to see a larger scope of activity occurring behind the scenes by staff reviewers in Building, Planning, Engineering and Environmental Health. You’ll see permit item review status, which reviewer(s) are assigned, what the rough anticipated due date for review will be, if permit review has been re-assigned, what Department staff reviews are completed, what date the review is completed, what is pending, and what correction comments  have been inputted (if any pertain).   
  • 11. CSS login users have some more (and with front counter office assistance) ability to create addition contact accounts (email addresses) to an online application. Say for example, a new incoming permit applicant wishes the office administrator, company owner and job superintendent or owner to each have access online to manage a shared project. For help contact or
  • 12. CSS login users applying for Peripheral Permit (sub-trade work) now have a place to input the main building permit CASE-XXXXXX-YEAR number. For parcels with multiple structures under construction, this supports our staff in linking the peripheral permits to the correct building.
  • 13. Mechanical contractors and electricians doing alteration work in business occupancies with a Marijuana License have a check box available during their online permit submission.   This will help automate another review by the Marijuana License Authority overseeing such businesses and prevent unplanned (or costly) delay during construction.
  • 14. So all are aware, it is expected when requesting future inspections in IVR and CSS that the system settings will allow for “skipping” government holidays thus avoiding request of a field inspection during office closures.
  • 15. So all are aware, issued permits with no activity or no inspections within a 180 day period will automatically change permit status from ACTIVE to EXPIRED. When the permit holder requests inspection(s) electronically through the CSS portal or IVR -- you may encounter a HOLD preventing the inspection request from submittal. Any LAPSED and EXPIRED job sites with continuing construction activity authorized under the issued permit, first need to contact the Eagle County Building Division front desk (970) 328-8761 or to receive support in updating the record to allow for continued inspections. Other job sites that have gone dormant due to unforeseen circumstances may need to submit a formal written request asking “Permit CASE-XXXXXX-YEAR at job site address” be extended by the Chief Building Official and for the permit applicant to supply property owner’s signed letter expressing an intention to continue. Said documentation to be remitted c/o Vance Gabossi, Chief Building Official, at

We’re now just two weeks into use of the new software system.  We welcome feedback  to trouble-shoot solutions and are available to help you. We’re grateful for your patience during the transition onto a new software system,

Thanks from Vance, Amanda, JR, Dennis, Aaron, Butch and Colleen
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