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El Jebel office coverage for building inspections and individual appointments is be Mondays and Thursdays. Eagle County will continue with this two day a week coverage until permit/inspection activity increases. If an emergency requires that inspections be made other than Monday or Thursday, call 970-328-8761. Staff will accommodate these requests on an individual basis.

Inspection Request Fax Form 

EnerGov Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephone-based system that provides the community with 24-hour access to permitting and Inspection services. 

Call 1-866-701-3307 for the Eagle County IVR System
24/7 IVR access for contractors & citizens (route cutoff time is 4 p.m. previous business date)
Toll-free number
Reschedule and cancel inspections in real-time
Automated inspection result call-backs (contractor, applicant)
Automated permit status checking

IVR Inspection Numbers    
100 - Building inspection
Wildfire #1 -100
Building Investigation – 101
Footing – 105
Foundation -110
Wildfire #2 – 115
Shearwall – 120
Framing – 125
Insulation – 130
Drywall – 135
Partial Insulation – 136
Partial Drywall – 137
Partial Framing – 138
Partywall – 140
Veneer/Lath – 145
Final Roof – 165
Wildfire Final – 155
Temp CO – 160
CO – 170
Building Consultation – 175
Demo Final - 180

200 - Fireplace inspection
Fireplace Vent – 200
Shaft – 205
Gas – 210
Final Fireplace – 215
Fireplace Consultation – 220

300 - Electrical inspection
Temp Electric – 300
Service – 305
Rough Electrical – 310
Underground – 320
Final Electrical – 315
Electrical Consultation - 325

400 - Mechanical inspection
Rough Ventilation – 400
In-Floor Heat – 405
Snowmelt – 410
Rough Heating/Cooling – 415
Final Mechanical – 420
Mechanical Consultation – 425

500 - Plumbing inspection
Plumbing underground – 500
Underground gas – 502
Underground plumbing – 503
Rough Plumbing – 505
Plumbing Gas (rough pipe) – 510
Temp Gas Tag – 515
Final Gas Tag – 520
Final Plumbing – 530
Plumbing Consultation - 535 

700 - Fire Alarm inspection
Rough Fire alarm – 700
Final Fire alarm – 705
Fire alarm consultation – 710

800 - Fire Sprinkler inspection
Rough Fire sprinkler – 800
Final Fire sprinkler – 805
Fire sprinkler consult - 810

900 - Manf. Home inspection
MH Gas Tag Hook Up – 900
MH Final Electrical – 905
MH Final CO - 910

Using the IVR for the first time

  1. Dial 1-866-701-3307 and enter the last 4 digits of your permit number: BLDG-1-09-1234 (BP-1234)
    If prompted to enter year the permit was issued, you can find it here: BLDG-1-09-1234 (enter 4-digit calendar year – 2009)
  2. From the main menu press 1: “Request a New Inspection”
  3. Then enter the 3-digit inspection reference number listed next to the inspection on your permit
  4. If you don’t have your inspection reference number, simply wait to hear a list of available inspections for your permit 
    Still don’t hear your inspection? Press * on your phone and select your desired inspection
  5. Once you’ve selected your desired inspection, follow the voice prompts to choose your preferred inspection date and time (if available)
  6. If finished, feel free to hang up or press 9 to return to main menu, press 8 to return to previous menu

Eagle County Building Inspection Guidelines  

Schedule An Inspection

  1. Call 1 866-701-3307 for the Eagle County IVR system
  2. Download the Inspection Request Fax Form (Eagle County) and fax to 970-328-7185
  3. Inspections requested prior to 4 p.m. on a weekday are routed and performed the next business day
  4. Inspection requests made before 4 p.m. Friday are routed for Monday business day
  5. Inspection requests made AFTER 4 p.m. will not be routed the next business day
  6. Stamped, approved set of plans must be onsite at each inspection. Permit sign must also be posted and site address clearly visible from street. 
  7. All animals must be secured and a ladder provided where necessary.

We encourage contractors and owner/builders to be onsite for all inspections. If your construction project is located within an existing occupied structure, someone must be present to provide the inspector access to the occupied building.

The inspector will leave a copy of the inspection request form on the job site. The form will be marked either approved, disapproved or reinspect. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to make the required corrections and request a re-inspection as necessary.

Typical site inspections are as follows: (Note additional inspections not listed may be required depending on the project. When in doubt call the building division at 970-328-8730)

Footing (IVR 105) / Foundation (IVR 110) / Slab Inspection (IVR 105) Prior to placing concrete, excavation must be complete, all reinforcing in place, forms erected, materials for concrete frost protection must be on site when freezing temperature conditions exist. A copy of the open hole excavation report from the geotechnical engineer must be available for the inspector. In addition the concrete encased grounding electrode required by the NEC shall be installed at the time of footing inspection. (Non-structural slab on grade with no thickened footings does not require inspection.)  Job sites in MODERATE and HIGHER wildfire zones require separate 'Wildfire 1' (IVR 100) inspection type.  For all wildfire inspections, call 970-328-8742 to schedule an appointment.

Electrical: Temporary (IVR 300) / Service (IVR 305)
Construction power, service complete, minimum (1) 20A circuit with GFI water-proof receptacle. Grounding complete and protected from damage.

Plumbing: Underground Gas (IVR 502) (where applicable)
Propane line from tank to structure with test on line and tracer line in trench (Natural gas lines run by utility company do not require any underground inspection by Eagle County).

Electrical: Underground (IVR 320)Prior to backfilling utility trench, conduit size, material and depth of burial will be verified.

Plumbing: Underground (IVR 500)
Prior to covering waste/water lines, all piping must be under water/air test.

Cover: Party Wall/Fire Wall Inspection (IVR 140)
Required for all duplexes. Prior to covering fire-resistive walls at exterior or standing walls at party wall locations. All joints in drywall must be taped.

Mechanical Heating/Cooling (IVR 415) and In-Floor Radiant (IVR 405)
Radiant heat piping in place and under air pressure test (100 psi or per manufacturer test requirements) prior to covering, ductwork in place for forced air systems.

Mechanical: Ventilation (IVR 400)
All rough mechanical complete, B-vents, fireplace chimney flues, bathroom exhaust, dryer vents, kitchen exhaust, combustion air ducts, mechanical ventilation roughed in for crawl spaces or media rooms (where applicable).

Plumbing: Rough (IVR 505)
All rough plumbing complete, water, waste, gas piping, all piping shall be under water / air tests.

Electrical: Rough (IVR 310)
All rough wiring complete, smoke detector wiring installed (110V only)

Fire Alarm: Rough (IVR 700)
Low voltage systems require separate permit and inspections. Line voltage systems are covered under electrical permit.

Fire Sprinkler: Rough (IVR 800) (where applicable)
All rough piping installed and under test.

Cover: Veneer/Lath (IVR 145)
Prior to placing stucco or stone. Building paper, flashing, foam and/or wire lath and fasteners in place

Building Framing (IVR 125)
After all rough inspections are complete and approved, building completely dried in, all floor, wall and roof framing completed.  Fireblocking, draftstopping, attic/underfloor ventilation/access etc.  Job sites in MODERATE and HIGHER wildfire zones require separate 'Wildfire 2' (IVR 115) inspection type.  For all wildfire inspections, call (970) 328-8742 to schedule an appointment.

Cover: Insulation (IVR 130)
All insulation must be in place. Underfloor must be accessible to inspector, clearance from flue pipes, etc. must be maintained. Vapor barriers must be in place where required. Ensure roof ventilation is not blocked by insulation material.

Cover: Drywall (IVR 135)Prior to taping drywall, all drywall fasteners must be in place, clearance from flue pipes, etc. must be maintained. (A final gas tag inspection should also be called at this time. See under plumbing inspections.)

Plumbing: Gas (IVR 510)After all drywall is installed, a final air test is required on all gas piping within the building. The final test will be required even if a temporary tag was issued previously. For the final tag to be issued, permanent mechanical fuel burning equipment installation must be completed along with electrical disconnects. 

Plumbing: Final (IVR 530)
All fixtures installed, all plumbing systems fully operational. For residential construction, provide a fully functional kitchen for cooking and preparing of foods and have hot water heater/ side arm on for inspection.

Mechanical: Final (IVR 420)
All appliances installed, all heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems fully operational. Fireplaces operational. Have manufacturer’s installation instructions for mechanical equipment on site and available for inspection.

Electrical: Final (IVR 315)
All fixtures, receptacles, appliances installed. Service and sub-panels complete, circuits identified.

Fire Alarm: Final (IVR 705)
Low voltage systems require separate permit and inspections. Fire alarm system must be complete and operational.

Fire Sprinkler: Final (where applicable) (IVR 805)
Sprinkler system complete and fully operational.

Final Wildfire Mitigation Approval (where applicable) (IVR 155)
Call Eagle County Wildfire Mitigation Specialist at 970-328-8742 to schedule an appointment.

Building: Final (CO) (IVR 170)Building must be complete and ready for occupancy. Final Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire Alarm (Fire Sprinkler, Wildfire, EcoBuild as applicable) inspections are required to be approved. Permanent address posted, positive drainage provided around building structure(s). See special requirements for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) attached to your approved field copy of plans.

Inspections will not be performed on the following county holidays:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Monday, January 15, 2018
Presidents Day - Monday, February 19, 2018
Memorial Day - Monday, May 28, 2018
Independence Day - Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Labor Day - Monday, September 3, 2018
Fall Break - Monday, October 8, 2018
Veterans Day - Monday, November 12, 2018
Thanksgiving Holiday - Thursday & Friday, November 22 & 23, 2018
Christmas Holiday - Tuesday, December 25, 2018
New Year's Day - Tuesday, January 1, 2019