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Q: I am need of legal advice and/or an attorney. Who can I talk to?

A: The county attorney’s office cannot provide legal advice to the public. For legal assistance you may contact Legal Aid at 800-521-6968.

Q: Who do I contact to discuss a traffic ticket, court date, district court case, etc.?
A: The Eagle Combined Courts handles all court-related concerns. Their number is 970-328-6373 or you can visit the Fifth Judicial District website.

Q: I need a public defender. Who do I contact?
A: You may contact the Eagle Combined Courts at 970-328-6373 or visit the Fifth Judicial District website.

Q: I would like to appeal my tax appeal decision by the county board of equalization. Who do I contact?
A: On the back of your decision notice are instructions regarding options for the next level of appeals. You may also contact the Colorado Board of Assessment Appeals.

 Q: I am interested in allowing recreational uses on my property.  Can my liability be limited?
A: The Colorado Revised Statutes limit liability to property owners who allow recreational uses to occur on their land at no cost for such purposes. To determine if the law applies to you, please review the attached informational flyer or Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 33, Article 41. 

Q: What is Eagle County's Open Records Policy and how do I make a request?
A: It is the policy of the Eagle County Board of Commissioners that all public records shall be open to inspection by any person at reasonable times, except as provided by the Colorado Public Records Act, or as otherwise specifically provided by law. For complete details, see the Eagle County Open Records Policy and to make a request, please use the Open Records Request Form.