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Eagle County passes 2017 assessment audit

Contact: Mark Chapin, Assessor, 970-328-8640,

July 28, 2017 – Eagle County’s appraised property values have met all standards set by the state, according to the most recent report from the state auditor.

Colorado law requires all assessors to value property at a specific level and within certain uniformity standards. This provides equity in distribution of state school funding, local tax burden and assessments that cross county lines.

To ensure proper levels and uniformity standards are being followed by the Assessor, an independent auditor, contracted by the Legislative Council, conducts an annual one percent study of all property in each county. Findings of the annual study are reported to the State Board of Equalization each year.

According to the early reporting audit analysis from the state auditor, Eagle County has successfully passed the 2017 audit.

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