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Assessor’s Office passes state audit of property valuations

Contact: Mark Chapin, Eagle County Assessor at 970-328-8640 or

For the 21st consecutive year, the Eagle County Assessor’s Office has successfully passed its state audit and was found to be in compliance with all valuation requirements. The results stem from a two-part analysis, including a procedural audit and a statistical audit.

Eagle County Assessor Mark Chapin says the yearly state-mandated audit tests both the accuracy of the appraisal process and the procedures used to value and assess property. For local property owners, this means the values assigned to each taxable property have been found to be equitable countywide and the resulting property tax will be equitable for like properties.

“We take great pride and care in our work to ensure we meet the stringent standards set by Colorado law,” said Chapin. Should the county fail an audit, the State Board of Equalization would order a reappraisal to be completed by either the Division of Property Taxation or a third party appraisal firm hired by the state. The county would be liable for the cost of the reappraisal, as well as any aid to schools overpaid by the state due to undervaluation.

“I would like to thank my staff for their hard work in completing this reappraisal,” Chapin said. “It would not have been the success it was without their support.”

For more information, contact the Assessor’s Office at 970-328-8640.