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Assessor’s Office passes state audit

Contact: Mark Chapin, Assessor, 970-328-8654 or

July 10, 2019 - The Eagle County Assessor’s Office has received its final report for the 2019 Colorado Property Assessment Study. According to this audit conducted by the state, the Eagle County Assessor’s Office successfully passed and was found to be in compliance with all valuation requirements as mandated by Colorado state law for 2019.  The report represents the result of a two part analysis and audit for Eagle County, a procedural analysis and a statistical analysis.

According to state auditors, “for an ad valorem system to be successful, values must be equitable and market-driven in all parts of Colorado, only then is the taxpayer assured of a fair property tax.”

For local taxpayers, this means that the values assigned to each taxable property have been found to be equitable countywide, and the resulting property tax will be equitable for like properties. 

“This reappraisal came with few surprises, with residential property values increasing at a median of 10% and commercial property values increasing at 8% since 2017,” said Eagle County Assessor Mark Chapin.

The office experienced just over 3,000 appeals in May, which is under 7% of the county’s total parcel count.

“Thanks to my staff for their hard work in completing this reappraisal. It would not have been the success it was without these hardworking people and their support of the property owners in our county,” said Chapin.