Eagle County services restricting in person interactions

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community, Eagle County government will be providing services via phone and/or online services and restricting in person interactions until April 8, 2020, when these precautions will be reevaluated. All essential county services are still being provided and contact information and on-line services can be accessed at https://www.eaglecounty.us/Administration/News/Eagle_County_Government_Services_Restricting_in_person_interations/


Contact Us

  • Phone: 970-328-8640
    Fax: 970-328-8679

    P.O. Box 449
    500 Broadway
    Eagle, Colorado 81631 


Contact Information

P.O. Box 449
500 Broadway
Eagle, Colorado 81631

Phone: 970-328-8640
Fax: 970-328-8679

Mark Chapin, Assessor   mark.chapin@eaglecounty.us  
Assessment Division  
Mary Kessler, Assessment Manager   mary.kessler@eaglecounty.us  
Elaine Wolf, Assessment Technician Supervisor   elaine.wolf@eaglecounty.us
Alice Jaramillo, Assessment Technician
Brittany Thatcher, Assessment Technician    brittany.thatcher@eaglecounty.us
Connie Stump, Assessment Technician
Nathan Delorey, Assessment Technician    nathan.delorey@eaglecounty.us
Tina Stahl, Assessment Technician   tina.stahl@eaglecounty.us
Appraisal Division  
Kevin Cassidy, Appraisal Manager   kevin.cassidy@eaglecounty.us
Andie Noakes, Commercial Appraiser
Andrea Fontanta, Residential Appraiser
Bobby Wells, Residential Appraiser  robert.wells@eaglecounty.us
Bonnie Embry, Residential Appraiser   bonnie.embry@eaglecounty.us
Dawn Koenig, Residential Appraiser  dawn.koenig@eaglecounty.us
Joanie Baranowski, Residential Appraiser   joanie.baranowski@eaglecounty.us   
Kristina Birk, Residential Appraiser   kristina.birk@eaglecounty.us
Lisa Schober, Residential Appraiser   lisa.schober@eaglecounty.us
Melodey Woolsey, Residential Appraiser   melodey.woolsey@eaglecounty.us
Patrick Corcoran, Residential Appraiser   patrick.corcoran@eaglecounty.us
Ryan Kane, Commercial Appraiser - Litigation Specialist   ryan.kane@eaglecounty.us
Personal Property   
Monica Jacox, Personal Property Analyst   monica.jacox@eaglecounty.us  
Cartography Division  
Kenneth Sexton, Cartographer Coordinator   kenneth.sexton@eaglecounty.us