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    Animal Services
    P.O. Box 57
    1400 Fairgrounds Road
    Eagle, Colorado 81631

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Our animal shelter does not seek out donations but if you are interested in helping our shelter and the animals we care for, we have a list of items that we routinely need:

Shelter Animal Wish List

  1. Kongs-Large and x-Large size

  2. Cat toys

  3. Small cat beds that are easily washed-no foam inserts

  4. Dogs beds that are easily washed-no foam inserts

  5. Non-clumping cat litter and cat litter scoops

  6. Metal litter boxes

  7. Brushes/combs for the animals

  8. Flat buckle collars, leashes, Gentle Leaders, Easy Walk Harnesses

  9. Kitten formula and feeder bottles

  10.  Small bath mats-for small dog and cat bedding

  11.  Dog and cat treats

  12.  Pocket pets supplies and cages (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc)

Monetary donations can be mailed to: Eagle County Animal Shelter P.O. Box 57 Eagle, CO 81631

We appreciate your support!