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Tax Sale Proceedings

The following pertains to Eagle County’s Tax Sale only

Registration begins at 8 a.m. A Social Security Number or a Federal I.D number is required on the day of the sale. Without this information, registration will not be possible. You are only allowed one bidder number per Social Security Number or Federal I.D. number.

Order of Sale
Strike-offs, Real Estate/Special Assessments and then Mobile Homes.

Rotation Bidding
Rotation bidding will be done by seating order to allow participants the most equal bidding opportunities. We will draw to see which corner to start in once everyone is seated. We will issue one bidding number per person. Each bidder number must have a representative present at the sale. For items more than $500 and under $7,500, the bidder must accept the bid or lose their turn. If the bidder declines, the item is then offered to the next person in rotation. Items $500 and less will be offered to investors who have indicated an interest in those properties and had their name added to the list made available to all bidders during registration.

Anyone with a legal interest in a particular parcel(s), and wanting a lien stricken off to him/her, must sign a declaration of legal (vested) interest, present documentary proof, and deposit an amount to cover these liens. We announce strike-offs at the beginning of the Tax Lien Sale. If other buyers do not object to the strike-off request, the sale of these liens will be considered final. Those purchasing strike-offs will not be eligible to purchase any other tax liens.

Open Space Parcels
Open space parcels will be identified as such during the sale, if this information is available to the Treasurer. Open space parcels have restricted uses. Please investigate these properties before purchasing the taxes. We will make no refunds after the sale.

Premium Bids The liens will be offered for the amount advertised. Premium bids are bids made in excess of the lien amount. Premium bids may be made on parcels listed at $7,500 or more. We will not accept premium bids on parcels listed at less than $7,500. All premium bids are made at the investor's expense. Premium bids are not paid back to the investor, and no interest is earned on premium bids. The minimum premium bid is $50 with minimum raises of $20. Please note the cutoff amount ($7,500) for premium bids can change from year to year, depending on the amount of properties going to tax sale.

Tax Lien Sale Certificates of Purchase
All original certificates of purchase will be held in safekeeping in the vaults of the Eagle County Treasurer unless otherwise instructed by a formal written request. A safekeeping receipt and complete report of all tax lien sale purchases will be forwarded to the investor. 

Assignment of Certificates of Purchase If after obtaining a certificate of purchase at the tax sale you wish to assign it to a different investor, you can do so by completing the attached assignment form and submitting it to the Treasurer's Office.  If the assigment is done by mail, fax or email the assignment form must be notarized.  Please note that if the person you are assigning your certificate(s) to is not already an investor with Eagle County, they will need to complete a W-9 form and submit it along with the assignment form. 

Subsequent Year's Taxes After August 1 of each year, all tax lien sale certificate holders have first option to purchase any subsequent year’s taxes that remain unpaid. These tax liens will be endorsed onto the original certificate at the same rate of return.


Treasurer's Deed
The redemption period is three years from the year of the original tax sale.  Certificates sold in 2014 for the 2013 property taxes are eligible for application of a Treasurer's Deed in 2017.  It is not required that three consectutive years of taxes be due, it is only required that the original lien remain unpaid three years after the date that it was purchased at tax sale.  There is a $300 deposit required to start the Treasurer's Deed process.  If you are interested in applying for a Treasurer's Deed please review the application procedures and complete a Treasurer's Deed application.

General Tax Sale Information - FAQ
What is a Tax Sale?
Each year unpaid taxes on real estate, mobile homes and special assessment properties are sold to investors who attend the sale at the time determined by the Treasurer. Investing in tax liens through purchase at the tax lien sale is just that, an investment. You purchase the tax lien, NOT the property. Very few deed transfers occur as a result of a tax lien sale.

Why is the Tax Sale Held?
Tax sales are established by state statute and held to enable the various authorities and county government to continue to operate though some taxes are unpaid.

When are Tax Sales Held?
The tax sale date is subject to state statute and is held after the delinquent tax listing is published in a local paper for three weeks.

Where is the Tax Sale Held?
Investors should check with individual counties for information on when and where their sales will be held.

Who can Become an Investor?
Any person who has monies to invest and is not an employee of the county or a relative of any county employee. Monies can be tied up for an indefinite period of time

Interest Rate
Each year the Colorado Banking Commission determines the rate of return. The annual percentage rate is set at nine points above the federal discount rate for September 1 of that year.

Property Listing / Publication
A current property list will be available for real estate and special assessment parcels. Special assessment liens will be sold with corresponding real estate liens, if both are delinquent. The real estate parcels will be listed in the exact order of the sale and will include tax schedule number, owner’s name, legal description and the total amount due.

Element of Risk It is important to remember the element of risk involved in the purchase of tax liens. The purchase of tax sale liens of properties under the control of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and those affected by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) could possibly result in the loss of interest. Identifying any potential problems in this area is impossible for the Treasurer’s Office. Please conduct your own investigation to reduce the possibility of loss of interest to you.

Parcels are subject to federal, state and local government regulations including, but not limited to, land use and environmental regulations.