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The county's GIS Map Viewer will be unavailable from 9 a.m. until approximately 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 30.  This outage is to allow for system maintenance.  

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Summary and Conclusions

Over the next 25 years, Eagle County will face great challenges to its environmental quality, community character, and quality of life. Residents and community leaders exhibit great awareness of these issues, great concern about the future of the region, and outstanding talent, ability and willingness to tackle the problems.

ECO Transit has taken the lead by assembling experts and decision-makers to consider the future of Eagle County and create a vision for transportation that meets both the need for mobility and the need to preserve community character, the natural environment, and the quality of life. The vision proposed, which encompasses a combination of transportation, housing and land use policies, is hardly a final proposal, but a first step.  Many questions and issues remain:

Is the fixed guideway spine and feeder/circular model proposed the optimal solution? Should other models be considered?

All transportation solutions, whether road or transit, are expensive.  How do we fund them?

Land Use
Land use and housing polices are critical.  Are we proposing the right policies? Will they actually be enacted? Will they perform as designed? Will we have buy-in from landowners, municipalities, and the general public?

This transit vision is a long-term effort.  How do we maintain a long-term outlook in a population that is generally short-term in its thinking?

We are still in the formative stage of creating an outstanding and effective transportation system that preserves and enhances our environment, community character and quality of life. This process will require more technical expertise, more political investment, and continuing public consultation.