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Total Health Alliance

The Total Health Alliance (THA) was formed in 2014, out of a community identified priority from the 2012 Community Health Assessment. It is a collaborative with a focus on mental health and substance abuse. The THA’s vision is to be an engaged and informed community that empowers an integrated and innovative system, continuously improving the overall wellness and quality of life for people in our area. Through the collaborative efforts of the network the Total Health Alliance will better link people to services and create an integrated system of care for those who need it.

Who we are
The Total Health Alliance is a network of health care, law enforcement, non-profit, government agencies, and private behavioral health practitioners in Eastern Eagle County committed to linking ideas, resources, and people to organizations and agencies which are currently established in our community. Eagle County Public Health serves as the back-bone of the Alliance and neutral convening agency, and the diverse organizations and individuals that make up the THA membership represent the community needs and guide the direction of the Alliance. The goal of the Alliance is to work together to create a referral network to more effectively link patients to local, culturally appropriate and contextually competent behavioral health professionals and services.

What we do
The Resource and Stabilization Team(ReST) has been set up within the THA to receive referrals from law enforcement, healthcare providers, and area non-profits. The ReST uses existing networks and resources to identify high needs clients, those who are high utilizers of health services or frequently in contact with law enforcement, who have behavioral health comorbidities. Through this team planning process the ReST will appropriately refer clients to existing or expanded resources in the community. The professionals that make up the Resource and Stabilization Team are dedicated to get necessary behavioral health help to those in need and who may not have accessed the services previously.   

     Screening Questions: Answering YES to each question would be ideal, but answering NO does not exclude a
     person from being referred.  Please follow-up with the THA Coordinator to discuss further.

          -Will this individual likely comply with THA program requests?
                  e.g. following through on meeting commitments & phone calls with the Community Health Worker
          -Will this individual be able to live independently with minimal support?
          -Can this individual make decisions for themselves; are they competent? 

     Referral Process:  Individuals referred to the Resource and Stabilization Team must voluntarily sign a
     consent allowing the team to discuss their case and create a care plan. 

                                                           Consent to Release Information

Total Health Alliance Value Statement
We are an inclusive community collaborative that responds to emergent needs and provides a network of resources and support programs that promote, maintain, and improve individual and community well-being.  

We ensure that all community members can access services and resources necessary to maintain their total health.

We respect ourselves, partners, and those we serve with consideration of individual and collective values, views, experiences and autonomy.          

We define service as integrated care that both empower community members while encouraging accountability.

Become a member of the THA
The Total Health Alliance’s strength comes from its members.  The willingness of community organizations to collaborate and work together to offer wrap around behavioral health service is essential to the overall health and well-being of Eagle County residents.  For further information, questions or to become a part of the Total Health Alliance please contact Sarah Kennedy, THA coordinator.

Sarah Kennedy