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Environmental Health

 The Environmental Health team protects the quality of life and the natural environment in Eagle County by:

  • Inspecting food service facilities to assure safe food; 
  • Assisting property owners with the design, construction and use of onsite wastewater systems to assure protection of public health and water resources; 
  • Reviewing land use proposals to mitigate anticipated environmental impacts; 
  • Controlling noxious weeds on county property and providing advice to municipalities and private property owners; 
  • Facilitating the enforcement of county codes; 
  • Assisting neighborhoods to protect their homes from wildfire;
  • Helping residents improve the health, safety and resource efficiency of homes and businesses.

Within the operations of Eagle County Government, Environmental Health assists all departments and operations with adoption and implementation of Eagle County’s Environmental Policy and goals. Please email us at to share your improvement ideas.