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Resource & Stabilization Team

Who we are:
The Resource and Stabilization Team (ReST) grew out of the strong work started by members of the previous Total Health Alliance (THA) collaborative. It has been set up to receive referrals from law enforcement, healthcare providers, and area non-profits for adults with complex social/economic/behavioral issues in need of extra wrap-around support. The ReST team and Community Health Worker (CHW) work to connect individuals to available resources in our community and focus on overcoming negative hurdles people may face that contribute to their mental health. The CHW will work with your client/patient, up to a year, in order to get them linked to local, culturally appropriate and contextually competent health professionals and services, as well as help them reach their own personal health goals.    
How does the process work?
1. If you feel you may have a client/patient who would benefit from our program, please read through the screening questions below. 

Screening Questions: Answering YES to each question would be ideal, but answering NO does not exclude a person from being referred. Please follow-up with the ReST Coordinator to discuss further.

  • Will this individual likely comply with ReST program requests? e.g. following through on meeting commitments and phone calls with the CHW.
  • Is this person at the point where they could be motivated to make positive changes in their lives?
  • Is this person able to live independently with minimal support?
  • Can this individual competent to make decisions on their own? 

If you wish to refer your client/patient after reviewing the screening questions, 
2. Click on “Consent to Release Information” and work with your client/patient to electronically sign the consent. As the referring entity, please fill out the follow up questions, without patient present, to the best of your ability.
3. The THA Coordinator will follow up with you on any questions and request your attendance at the monthly ReST meeting (third Tuesday of each month).
4. The ReST team will meet and review referred client cases in order to appropriately refer individuals to existing or expanded resources in the community.
5. After a care plan is created, we request your help with a warm handoff between your client/patient and the Community Health Worker. The CHW will keep you updated on the progress of your client/patient.

Refer a Client/Patient to the ReST: Individuals referred to the Resource and Stabilization Team must voluntarily sign a consent allowing the team to discuss their case and create a care plan.

Consent to Release Information

Follow Up questions

Benefits and services offered by the ReST:

  • Our CHW offers personal support to help others work through challenging times
  • Acts as a liaison/advocate between providers and clients
  • Connects clients with needed healthcare and social support services
  • Offers informal counseling
  • Helps clients create and work towards health goals
  • Helps navigate the healthcare system
  • Completes paperwork for agencies
  • Delivers culturally-appropriate services
  • Offers coping skills and helps build resiliency
  • Works with client to individually meet their needs


Katie Haas, MPH
Healthy Communities Supervisor | Eagle County Public Health and Environment 
Phone: 970-471-2287  |  Email:

Brenda Reyes
ReSTCommunity Health Worker