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Build Out Analysis

Consistent with a recommended strategy set forth in the Eagle County Comprehensive Plan, the build-out analysis was undertaken beginning in 2008 as directed by the county's board of commissioners as part of the Sustainable Communities initiative. By design, the build-out analysis provides the opportunity to study land use patterns as a function of natural constraints, built constraints, policies, master plan objectives, etc. It is intended that the build-out analysis data be maintained year-to-year.

The purpose of residential build-out is to determine the overall existing and projected residential build-out in Eagle County, including the town municipalities. This project provides an accurate, scientifically based representation of what Eagle County will look like with existing subdivisions, residential buildings, and current zoning on private land.

2009 Residential Build-out Analysis 

The 3-D build-out analysis file requires the downloading of Google Earth, which is a free application. A quick link to the download site is

Please be aware that the dwelling units and commercial units have been placed in general areas with a parcel. The 3-D analysis does not show the exact locations of future buildings, only existing ones.

3-D Build-out Analysis