System outage planned for Wednesday, Feb. 22

A countywide outage affecting multiple network systems at Eagle County is planned for Feb. 22.

Maintenance on internal network systems at Eagle County is scheduled to take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22. The work will result in outages that will affect county websites, internet applications, phones and voicemail.

Information on the Eagle County Regional airport will be available at Those looking for information on ECO Transit schedules or help with trip planning can call 970-328-3520.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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Land Survey Plats

Per CRS 38-50-101, The county commissioners of each county shall designate the county surveyor to create and maintain a survey plat records file and index system for plats. All Final Plats that serve to subdivide property are recorded in the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder's Office.

Deposit a Land Survey Plat

Land Survey Plats may be deposited at the Eagle County Engineering Department located at 500 Broadway, Eagle, CO 81631 during regular office hours. Please enclose a  Land Survey Plat Deposit Checklist with the submission.

Search and Download Land Survey Plats

All search fields allow wildcards; use the asterisk (*) to match any character(s). Multiple asterisks may also be used within the search form. For instance "*search*" will match any instance of the word 'search'.

Example searches:

  • *lot will match 'government lot', but not 'lot 5'
  • lot* will match 'lot 5', but not 'government lot'
  • *lot* will match both 'government lot' and 'lot 5'
  • *gov*lot* will match 'government lot'
Field Description
Land Survey Plat Number The index number of the plat.
Subdivision The subdivision for the plat.
Section The section that the plat is located within.
Township (South) The Township South of the 6th Principal Meridian that the plat is located within. Only enter the number, the "S" is not necessary.
Range (West) The Range West that the plat is located within. Only enter the number, the "W" is not necessary.
Government Tract The Government Tract that the plat is located within.
Surveyor (First Name) First name of the Professional Land Surveyor of the plat.
Surveyor (Last Name) Last name of the Professional Land Surveyor of the plat.
PLS License Number The Professional Land Survey license number as registered by the Colorado Division of Regulatory Agencies.
Comments Comments about the plat.
Name The file name of the plat. Click this link to view the plat in a new window.
Related Sheets If a plat has multiple sheets, they will be listed here.   

Use the search form below to search and download a land survey plat: 


Please send comments or questions to Kelly Miller, 970-328-3566,